About us

Our story

In 2015, we had the idea to create our own brand. So we created our own collection. January 1st, 2016, we sold our first bracelets at local fashion stores. The first year of selling, our priority was the needs of our customers. We listened to their input/needs so we could deliver a better product every day. Our little local brand grew out to international webstore with clients from all over the world. Oxkoph is more than just a brand, it’s a way to express your style and we promise the best quality of high-quality products.


Our promises

As a producer of bracelets, we only want to sell the best quality for a fair price. It became our number one priority and daily we keep track of it! Our bracelets are all handmade by us, this makes it an 100% Belgian product. It also gives us the chance to constantly innovate our product so we can offer you the newest hypes in bracelets!


Your Oxkoph

Oxkoph is the name of our brand. It’s a combination of two languages: “OX” is an English word and “KOPH” is a bastard word of the German word “KOPF”. “Oxkoph” is a symbolic name, related to my background. I’m born and raised on a farm and I wanted to link my background as a farmer’s son to my own personal brand.